Empowering People to Innovate

A Transport for Ideas to Grow

A Community built on Virtuous Spontaneity

We are building self sustaining communication and learning protocols to facilitate desperately needed global innovation

We are an innovation network where people can build, invest in, and grow ideas just by helping others grow. The platform facilitates paying it forward to make lives better through innovation.


If you can stand brilliant people you will have so much fun with us

With our collective experience we have the ability to identify and address a number of issues you’re likely to encounter. Reducing friction and speeding up project timelines.

Vision Without a Story

There has always been amazing data from the hands of engineers without a story to communicate. Then we see Carnigie stating “That 85% of sucess is related to the ability to work with people”. The fact that this is so skewed is quite concerning

Innovators Lacking Exposure

Innovators can build without money. An idea of needs vs. wants as some need us and some don’t. However, when it comes to building as a team or community all it takes is passion paired with persperation, process and tools and your off!

Contributors and Mistrust vs Reward

With so many crowd sourcing events every minute we notice that people walk away with mistrust instead of reward. This is not what any innovator wants in society. So we built a system to make this better where contrubition cannot be forgotten.

Competition is for Losers

As per Peter Theil. There is no reason to run based on fear or to let that touch your last line of defense that truly drives your idea. The setup of a company is like a perfect brick. Keeping to focus on making lives better does the same in reverse for you and your team.

Mis-Aligned Founder Matching

If your founders aren’t aligned on perspective and value then you have a major issue. This is normal. So we built a self filtering organic process that aligns people on why they get out of bed and why anyone should care.

Rapid Prototyping Concerns

If it can’t be built in under 90 days and the problem isnt chaotic or complex then we’ve found that it probably shouldnt be built yet. There is a balance between pain and elegance always.

Anything is Possible

A Blessing and a Curse 

Since you are alot like us, you can’t help but see the questions that need to be better understood. The type of questions that keep you up at night wondering why things are the way they are.

It’s a blessing to see them and a curse that we can’t let them go without making it better. We live for these questions, their possibilities, and where they’ll lead us. 

What do you want to create for yourself?
Are you unable to ignore the beautiful questions?

We’ve learned, you don’t have to do it alone and working together will make “it” better. It’s an honor to serve with such great people in our innovative cooperative. Their joy, confidence, and support has made all of this possible. 

Welcome to BluPrnt. 

Why do people not have enough time, connection, and security to build their ideas with others?

We choose the name Bluprnt because, 
as Martin Luther King Jr. said, 
“we all must find the blueprint of our life”. 
So, we took out all the vowels except “u”, 
because it doesn’t work without you.  

Dr. Seuss in the Lorax said, 
Unless someone like you
Cares a whole awful lot, 
Nothing is going to get better, 
It’s not.”

So, we say,
Let’s make it better
Whatever that is,
Let’s fill a few holes in the road, 
Help humanity progress, and
Leave a long lasting legacy.”

Hence, an ideal became,
through belief, joy, and fun, 
A community of innovators
The resources to build ideas, and
Trust and Security to better Collaboration.

The depth of this question prompted our creation and continues to drive innovation within the protocol and community. 

In various capacities, starting in garages and basements then more officially, in startups, then working with investment groups, and leading to our current role as a relentless connector, we have acquired experience in all phases of launching healthy companies. Its been a wild ride, including finding brilliant people, building world class teams, and metric ton of rapid prototyping.

Its been an amazing journey over fifteen years of leading companies to growth and revenue, doing this research with founders and investment groups, and growing the concept into a community over the last two years.

Purposes Supported

Aligned founders

Estimated Lives made better
A global community with a number of people leading

Community Leaders

US – Chicago

Bryant Stratton

Builds world class teams by finding people in a crowd. He was the one that we found dancing in a field trying to optimize the innovation cycle through research, connecting teams, and building solutions. If you shake a tree you get a few nuts crazy enough.

US – Georgia

Ben Holleran

An engineer dedicated to helping people bring their ideas to reality. He’s been building projects across a wide range of engineering disciplines from a young age. He lives in his mad science lab in the mountains of Georgia.

AU – Sydney

Dan Hendry

A connection alchemist who is dedicating his life to helping people change their future. He applies the basics of life in some truly elegant ways that any community can benifit from. If a hard path could be taken Dan would take it and leave it better for the next traveler.

US – San Diego

Aliyah Marr

Chief Creative Instigator. Author, artist, creative coach, and creative projects advisor with an interest in unusual paradigm-shifting ideas. She believes that we are at a pivotal time in history—we have the opportunity to become the best, most creative version of ourselves. Honored to be present at the birth of the new you.

US – Texas

Michael Newlin

A researcher in proper allocation of capitol that is rooting for the empowerment of people in the face of technology. Michael is an active PHD researcher in the Houston area focused on AI, Blockchain, and Software Developement. A jack of all trades in some way with a fascination with people.

US – Tennessee

Jon Griffin

A diplomat, officer, and a gentleman that brings the favor of contageous messaging to any team. He speaks to all audiences with ease and creativity. Marketing to the community that people really want is the only way the he does it 

EU – Belgium

Nick Van den Broeck

A brilliant theoretical physist that gets out of bed to make the live of others better. The future of education is Nick’s fascination when hes not hustling at startups. The person we always know we can throw the most complicated throughts as nick will dance through it.

US – Georgia

Tim Roberts

Going back to his growing up years where he started businesses related to agriculture and landscaping. He then worked in financial consulting and robotics where these experiences conected him with the love of communicating ideas.

ASIA – Phillipines

Micah Laurez

An growth hacker focused on connection, ecommerce, health, and wellness space. Since a young age Micah has been involved in local community project and starting companies. In our opinion she is world class in any space that needs value based and connected benificial relationships.

US – Ohio

Will Johnston

A passionate frontend developer who believes that great web design should be simple, accessible, and engaging. When not creating user-focused UI’s for SmartFounders, Will is an Active Support Specialist for Candid, a Forbes’ 2020 Top 30 Startup. He is also a proud husband and corgi dad.

US – Maryland

Aderinsola Akintilo

A man with a mission that leads research interviews, managed stakeholder meetings, organized feature prioritization workshops for products, managed software development teams, managed projects from concept to launch, and helped organizations with their digital transformation.

From some of our awesome partners

A team that looks for the values that map to your needs. Bluprnt members are deeply intuitive systemic thinkers.


I have been working with Bluprnt on two projects so far. Their ability to question the status quo, come up with new creative solutions, and push things forward is remarkable


As a founder it’s difficult to find people that work harder than me on what I’m passionate about. Bluprnt found those people by knowing me


Comparables Organizations,
& Inspiration 

Statement of Values

We are people of integrity that have an honest conversation with ourselves,
the wide beautiful world, and those around us. We collaborate transparently through a sense of extreme ownership to empower people to innovate.

Tangible and Effective values we take to the table of collaboration…

  1. Fun

    Some of the greatest challenges to innovation are disinterest and apathy.

  2. Objective

    A truly objective space where the mission to make the world better is the guard rails for personal opinions.

  3. Ethical

    This is something that everyone needs to be aware of when they build.

  4. Feasible

    Build it or not however the balance of pain and elegance is always to be considered. 

  5. Community driven

    A community that challenges and inspires you is invaluable. We believe the community will build “it”.

  6. Doesn’t discriminate

    Your age, country, and gender don’t determine what you are capable of learning.

  7. Allows for failure

    Failure is one of the best paths to sucess. The best learners allow themselves to make many mistakes along their journey.

  8. Sparks questions

    The cultivation and culmination of great ideas isn’t knowing all the answers — it’s knowing how to listen to the world.

Through the work of those that we believe in,
 the world is becoming an amazing place
Click on the following icons to see some of the jazz being made by great people!!!

Organizations that we align with that execute while not promoting an self reinforcing power cycle that only hurts societies. Some of our inspirations

Keep trucking folks that endeavor to do better!

Founders Fund
Y Combinator
Planetary Care

Do u want to make some lives better?


A high level view if how we operate as a virtuous cycle in innovation

This means that, what we are all about is virtuous cycles in the innovation community
A self-sustaining non-profit, a shared value economy of companies, and partners to push us!
A Global effort with a base protocol that should be shared and can be used in any culture

The amazing people that we learn and build with.

Those we admire, support, and raise up with us. And of course, 

Some bits on how we can make lives better together


Shared value companies that enhance our process as a mission driven community. Those that help us learn and grow rapidly as a community.

Companies, Communities, & Groups a lot like us

Those that support people and their ideas.


Those that founders respect with the same vision and networks.

“Ask for money and you’ll get advice,
Ask for advice and you’ll find wealth”

We are here as the advocate of alignment.

Bluprnt is both a intuitive and quantitative playbook of how to bring something into reality well, how to build it effectively

Starting a company as a founder opens a Pandora’s box of legal stuff, accounting, equity splits.

Everyone has some expectations, but they are not very well-formulated and often not in sync between co-founders, investors and early employees. This makes many startups implode.

It is very difficult to figure out exactly what the risks are like for a startup, for everyone involved. How much money will you need? How long will it take to launch the MVP? How likely are you to be successful given current plans? Just starting to scratch the surface


Bluprnt’s Community is a non-profit think-tank and innovation community. An extention of this is Bluprnt as a digital incubator which acts as an idea factory.

We at Bluprnt have been building products for many years, and figured out different aspects of how to optimize the system. So all of us have come here to put together our hard-earned insights and construct a factory to make ideas into reality.


Helping us the tap the brillaince of a generation and aligning that with the wonderful legacy of our mentors.

A mentorship network that is focuses on people and quality digitally connected benificial relationships.

This is currently under construction as an application and serves as community feature for the time being.


Smart Founders helps you put together a blueprint for the needs of your startup. Smart Founders was the first product from Bluprnt. It addresses three common problems faced by early-stage startups:

The need to navigate through an overwhelming array of decisions and details around the needs of a company. The need to align expectations of key players – co-founders, employees and early investors. The need to create detailed operating agreements, contracts and a legal structure for the new company.


Good fences make good neighbors and healthy founders require clear expectations.

So we built, from what we learned running a think tank, an intense sprint that gets your idea from concept to market.

A software and founder experience driven service that makes sure to build those fences that provide a clear understanding for founders and their business.

Programs that we support

Our community formed as a think tank.

From this came…
An incubator,
Then came startups,
Then an ecosystem of shared value companies,


The process that ideas and founders go through.