The opportunity to build dreams

A Collaborative Community of People Solving Problems

We have one question that drives us

Why is there not enough time, connection, and security to build ideas?

The depth of this question prompted our creation and continues to drive our decision-making. We focus on better understanding and improving human time, connection and security.

Purposes Supported

Aligned founders

Estimated Lives made better

The problems we found

Visions Without a Story

There has always been amazing data from the hands of engineers without a story to communicate. Then we see Carnigie stating “That 85% of sucess is related to the ability to work with people”. The fact that this is so skewed is quite concerning

Innovators Lacking Exposure

Innovators can build without money. An idea of needs vs. wants as some need us and some don’t. However, when it comes to building as a team or community all it takes is passion paired with persperation, process and tools and your off!

Contributors and Mistrust vs Reward

With so many crowd sourcing events every minute we notice that people walk away with mistrust instead of reward. This is not what any innovator wants in society. So we built a system to make this better where contrubition cannot be forgotten.

Competition is for Losers

As per Peter Theil. There is no reason to run based on fear or to let that touch your last line of defense that truly drives your idea. The setup of a company is like a perfect brick. Keeping to focus on making lives better does the same in reverse for you and your team.

Mis-Aligned Founder Matching

If your founders aren’t aligned on perspective and value then you have a major issue. This is normal. So we built a self filtering organic process that aligns people on why they get out of bed and why anyone should care.

Speed to market

If it can’t be built in under 90 days and the problem isnt chaotic or complex then we’ve found that it probably shouldnt be built yet. There is a balance between pain and elegance always.

The courses we made will help anyone start, develop, and manage a community

Anything is Possible

A Blessing and a Curse 

Since you are a lot like us, you can’t help but see the questions that need to be better understood. The type of questions that keep you up at night wondering why things are the way they are.

We started in garages and basements, grew up in startups. We then worked with investment groups, leading to our current role as a relentless connector of fun, projects, revenue, and impact, we have acquired experience in all phases of launching healthy companies. It’s been a wild ride, including finding brilliant people, building world-class teams, and a metric ton of rapid prototyping.

Its been fifteen years now for us, of leading companies to grow, doing this research with founders and investment groups, and growing the concept into a community over the last three years.
It’s a blessing to see them and a curse that we can’t let them go without making it better. We live for these questions, their possibilities, and where they’ll lead us.

What do you want to create for yourself?
Are you unable to ignore the beautiful questions?

We’ve learned, you don’t have to do it alone and working together will make “it” better. It’s an honor to serve such great people in our innovative cooperative. Their joy, confidence, and support have made all of this possible.

Welcome to Bluprnt

We work together to make people’s lives better

This looks like

Getting Healthy
Finding Meaning in Life
Building Dreams

Values are the
rock that supports any idea

So here are ours

We are people of integrity that have an honest conversation with ourselves,
the wide beautiful world, and those around us. We collaborate transparently through a sense of extreme ownership to empower people to innovate.

We choose the name Bluprnt because, as Martin Luther King Jr. said,
“We all must find the blueprint of our life”.

Dr. Seuss in the Lorax said, “Unless someone like you,
Cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better, It’s not.”

So, we say, “Let’s make it better, whatever that is. Let’s fill a few holes in the road,
help humanity progress, and leave a long lasting-legacy.”

Something people would miss you for

Organizations that we align with 

Founders Fund
Y Combinator
Planetary Care

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